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Pure DMHA Pills (60 Capsules/Servings) Robinhood Supplements 2-aminoisoheptane

DMHA Pills/Capsules – (2-aminoisoheptane) – Octodrine

This is pure DMHA powder, also referred to as 2-amino-6-methylheptane or Octodrine. Contains zero fillers, additives or flavors.

DMHA is a very powerful nootropic as well as CNS stimulant. It is advised to conduct your own research on its cognitive and energy enhancing abilities before consuming. A scoop is included in the package, however, it is advised to use a milligram scale for best accuracy.

“Good luck finding a similar product, in this price range!” – Robinhood

  • Blue/Clear Capsules/Pills for distinct differentiation
  • 75mg Per Capsule
  • 60 Capsules Per Bottle
  • 1 Capsule/Pill = 1 Serving

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Robinhood Supplements DMHA Pills
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NOTE: Some users experience great effects with a single serving (75mg), while others with a higher tolerance to such ingredients may perform best with 2+ servings. It is advised to start with a smaller dosage and increase as tolerance has been established.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact feel free to contact us directly.

By Robinhood Supplements – Purity and Quality Guaranteed

DMHA: Clarifying the Ambiguity of This Potent Stimulant

In 2013, a stimulant drink called Clearshot by E-Pharm was released and it was formulated by none other than infamous chemist Patrick Arnold. It contained an ambiguously named stimulant “2-aminoisoheptane” that no one had really heard of at this point.

Reviews for this product were very good, but for some reason it never really caught on to the masses.

I first tried 50mg of DMHA by itself and didn’t notice much. After some trial and error, 100-150mg seems to be the “Goldie Locks” dose, where it’s not too strong but still very noticeable. I will add that DMHA does have a more evident euphoric feeling compared to DMAA, and I have had great workouts using DMHA with small amounts of caffeine and nootropic compounds like CDP choline and huprazine A.

Anecdotally, the cognitive enhancement was definitely observed when I used DMHA before a lift, or even to get work/reading done. I will say that the pre-workout Limitless by Innovapharm was an amazing formula that contained DMHA, CDP choline, caffeine, and phenylpiracetam, albeit in a proprietary blend and I absolutely loved it.

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