About Us

HD Robinhood Supplements

"At the end of the day, I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves." ~Robin Hood

Our Approach

Tired of overpaying for supplements? We are too. Robinhood Supplements is dedicated to providing the most cost effective products possible, giving you the absolute best bang for your buck.

Our Story

The top selling supplement, in the most well known supplement store, sells for $60. We read the label, and referenced our Google Spreadsheet of ingredient costs. In about 10 minutes, we discovered that we could reproduce this $60 product for around $12! Why are customers paying $48 above cost, and that is based on our small time shop estimates. These supplement giants are making them for far cheaper, probably in the range of $6-$7.

We are here to change that.

Typical Supplement Chain

This is why most supplements cost so much. The products exchange hands many times, and the customer is left to pickup the cost.

Supplement Giants

How We Do Business

We start by sourcing all of our own ingredients. We manufacture all of our own pure products, and outsource blending services (because ain't nobody got time for that). We do all of our own distribution, and we sell only online eliminating another cost.

Robinhood Business Model

We have completely trimmed the fat, so that you get the same quality supplements at a fraction of the cost.

Our Products

Checkout what we have to offer, and compare us to the supplement giants. You will find that our prices cannot be beat.